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Thinking Outside the Inbox

If you are at this site, then you likely have an interest in workplace e-mail. You may have read my book and are searching for additional information or you may have decided that you want to find some answers to the e-mail problem. Either way, this site is designed to help you.

Within these pages, you will find data and research on e-mail that put a voice to the problems we encounter in our daily work lives. In addition, you can take part in my ongoing research in this area by either submitting a question you want explored and/or answering our current poll. I am also happy to answer your inquiries about e-mail workshops and ways to make organizations more productive users of this powerful communication tool.

This site will continue to build on our current knowledge of workplace e-mail. I hope you visit it often.

E-mail: Don't be a sender offender
Have you just fired off an e-mail, your signoff punctuated with a smiley face? Couldn't be bothered to hit the shift key to capitalize the letters at the beginning of each sentence? Too lazy to change the subject line from a previous message? Copied the e-mail to every department head -- even those who have nothing to do with its contents?
Globe & Mail - 01/13/06
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